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Faith + Action – Fear = Amazing Results

by Fitima Miller, MBA

It is not often in business that people talk about the importance of faith. My name is Fitima Miller and I failed in business during a few of my attempts before I was incredibly successful. It was faith that got me back on my feet, it was action that made that faith matter moving forward, it was the choice to not be afraid that allowed me to pursue my dreams and vision to my success, and I enjoyed results because of that choice. Only business leaders who have faith can make the leap to start from nothing to pursue and achieve success.

My father demonstrated perseverance for me in business. I was with him working beside him at age 14 with business responsibilities beyond my years. I saw him choose to hang on when others would have quit. It taught me the importance of having faith in myself and my ideas as I face the struggles in the business world. It was his example that taught me to pick myself up after a stumble and to believe that I could stand again. I could keep going.

After running several successful million dollar businesses myself, I decided to take what I learned and apply it to success coaching to help others starting out or others looking to take their business to the next level. My experience could help others avoid the pitfalls I experienced earlier in my business life. I decided to be the person I wish I had by my side during those times I was trying to figure it all out by myself.

What I learned was the importance of the formula above. It is not a secret formula because there are no magic, secret formulas in business. It is a reality though. I’ve learned the truth of it through my years of coaching. Without faith, you do not have the belief required to go after your dream to start your own business. So often, I have seen people who plan and study, which is a good thing, but then they never add action to their faith. If you believe in your idea and your vision, you must act on it or that belief is meaningless. Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear cuts down your belief and halts your action. You must be willing to set fear aside to keep moving forward. Courage means being willing to go forward even when you are afraid. These things together will equal results.

If you want to know more, my book Entrepreneurship: The Path to Prosperity; 10 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur opens with a chapter titled “Faith + Action = Results.” That chapter and the ones that follow can take you through from your faith and vision to the results you desire. You can and should be a success with your business dreams. Begin by believing in yourself and your ideas.

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